As a Love-Based Business Owner, What’s the Best Way to Handle Refund Requests?

Recently, in one of the high-level Facebook entrepreneurial groups I’m in, someone posted asking about handling refund requests.Creativity_03

In a nutshell, this entrepreneur had a very clear (and very clearly stated) guarantee policy on her sales letter, but she wanted to know what to do about people who wanted an “exception” made for them — specifically their lives changed since they bought the program (maybe they were in a car accident or their mother got sick or they had decided they decided they didn’t want to be an entrepreneur anymore and were getting a job) and now they wanted their money back even though it didn’t fit under the terms of the guarantee policy.

And when they were told no, they would sometimes get upset and say things like “well I thought you were heart-centered.”

Now, on the surface, this seems pretty cut and dried. There’s a clear guarantee/refund policy stated, therefore the entrepreneur was perfectly within her rights to turn them down and think nothing more about it. Continue reading

What My Novel “Mirror Image” Can Teach You About Biz

I’m launching my second novel “Mirror Image” tomorrow — it’s a psychological thriller/mystery/suspense (you can grab your copy here). And, to celebrate, I thought it would be interesting to share “the story behind the story” about how that novel got birthed.IMG_0939

It was a long, difficult, painful, messy birth — I share it all on my fiction blog.

It’s a story about almost getting the gold to losing it all to having everything finally come together.

20 years later.

It’s a story about redemption. Which, not coincidentally, is what “Mirror Image” is really about (underneath all the psychological thriller/mystery/suspense stuff). Continue reading

3 Reasons Why You’re Likely NOT Profiting From Your Passions

It’s what we all dream about, right? Being able to make money doing what we’re most passionate about. Whether that’s running a profitable business or a well-funded nonprofit organization or successfully selling your books or other art, it’s what so many of us long to do.MoneyPlant_01

Yet, so few of us ever actually do make money from our passions. Why is that?

Well, these three reasons may shed some light on that, as well as give you a few tips if you’d like to make a shift. Continue reading

Are You a Creative Entrepreneur Who Has No Time To Be Creative?

It happens to all of us.Creativity_01

Life. Business. Family. Endless to-do lists. Client emergencies. Family emergencies.

And then, you wake up one day and realize you haven’t done squat for months (or maybe even longer than you care to think about) to nurture your own creativity.

You keep thinking “if I just get over this (family/business/health/whatever) hump, I’ll have time to slow down and be more creative.”

Yeah — and how’s that been working for you? Continue reading

Too Fast or Too Slow: Why the Speed You’re Moving in Your Business May Be Hurting You

Years ago, I was at an event where the speaker was talking about keys to growing a successful business. And one of those keys was speed.Musings_06

He said if you want a successful business, you need to move fast to capitalize on the money-making opportunities coming at you. According to him, the vast majority of entrepreneurs are moving far too slowly. Only a few err on the side of moving too fast, which turns into recklessness.

This really stuck with me over the years, and it made me feel like I never moved fast enough for business success. (Can you say “another way to beat myself up?”)

But, recently, I’ve changed my view around this whole notion of speed in your business. I feel like not only is recklessness a far more common problem than what that speaker thought, I also think in many cases people are doing both — moving too quickly in some areas in their business and too slowly in others. And when either of those happens, your business suffers. Continue reading

Why Some Criticism Hurts More Than Others

Last week, due to me misreading one of my Amazon reports, I took a quick peek on the German page of my “Love-Based Copywriting Method” book. And I discovered I actually had a review there. (In English, so yes I could read it.)IMG_0669

It was a one-star review and suffice to say the person REALLY didn’t like it. To the point of being a bit mean-spirited.

Which got me thinking — what is it about my Love-Based Copy Method book that triggers all these mean reviews?

It’s not like I don’t have other bad reviews on my books. But for some reason, this first book in the series seems to be the most triggering.

Then, I got more curious — because there was another similar thread with the bad reviews for the first Love-Based Copy book. Continue reading

Case Study: Does Love-Based Online Marketing Really Work? Using Feminine Power to Create More Sustainable & Successful Launches

Are you turned off to traditional Internet marketing launches, but you don’t think there’s another way to successfully launch your products and services?love-based-vol3-kindle

Traditional Internet marketing launches can be exhausting and draining — not to mention make you feel like a pushy Internet marketer. But what else is there? Can you REALLY launch your products and services using Love-Based Online Marketing and make money at it? Or this all a lot of pretty talk with no results to back it up?

The truth is that most of us have been trained to believe we have to use fear and manipulation to convince people to take our courses or buy our products and services.

But that isn’t the truth.

There is a different way. It’s more daring. It requires trust. But it IS working, just differently. Which is why I’m so excited to share this Love-Based Online Marketing case study today. Continue reading

3 Keys to Love-Based Online Marketing

For many folks, online marketing/internet marketing is synonymous with slimy, hype-y, sales-y marketing. love-based-vol3-kindle

But what if I told you it didn’t have to be that way. That it’s entirely possible to market  your business with love, using tactics and strategies that feel good to both you and your ideal prospects.

And the best part? When you do, you not only reach more of the people whose lives you’re so passionate about transforming, but you also grow your business effortlessly.

To help you get started with Love-Based Online Marketing today, I want to share 3 keys to Love-Based Online Marketing so you can begin building campaigns that you actually enjoy … and that attract, invite and inspire your ideal clients to work with you.

No more feeling “slimy” or “arm-twisty”—this is going to be fun!

Without further ado: Continue reading

Free versus Cheap — Best Practices for Marketing Your Book

If you’ve published a book (or are thinking about publishing a book) you may have noticed all the different ways people market and promote their books. (And if you’re using Amazon’s KDP Select program, it’s super easy to either offer your book for free or at a discount — although there are ways to do that without being in KDP Select.)PersonalJourney_02

I’ve been doing some testing on the differences between free and 99 cents — I haven’t completed all my testing but here are some initial observations.

• Free seems to work best when you have something else to sell. And by something else to sell, I mean either a backend in your own business (i.e. a higher-priced product or program or coaching package) OR multiple books in a series. (So, you give one of the books in the series away for free so people get interested in the series and purchase the other books in the series). The multiple books in a series seems to work well for either fiction or nonfiction (clearly the business backend isn’t as effective for fiction).

• Cheap seems to work best if you don’t have much else to sell, either books or programs. Continue reading

Do You Need to Pause in Your Business?

March was an interesting month for me.Musings_02

Along with taking a week off to celebrate my dad’s birthday (his first birthday since Mom passed), I also played a key role in the copy and marketing strategy of a major 7-figure launch, had a big sale of my novel “The Stolen Twin” and had to finish up the edits on not one but TWO books (my next novel “Mirror Image” coming out in May and my “Love-Based Online Marketing” book which is available at a special 99 cents pre-order price right now).

And, I’m even more proud of the fact I got it all done. March was a very busy but very productive month.

But, there were things that didn’t get done. Things that I normally would have pushed myself to do, and if I didn’t do them I would have beaten myself up over them. Continue reading

Is Your Business Model Keeping You Financially Stuck?

There’s a little-talked about secret around your business model, which is this:Musings_02

The business model best suited to making your money NOW may NOT be the best business model for you.

You see, when you’re first starting out, the very best way for you to make money is to sell your one-on-one services to clients. (This also includes VIP days, which are basically full days you spend with a client working with them.) Continue reading

Have a wild love affair with your business

I recently read Elizabeth Gilbert’s “Big Magic” book, and in it she talks about how she decided to Musings_02have a wild love affair with her writing. (I’ve since seen other quotes around this idea of having a wild love affair with your art or creative project — most recently Lady Gaga. I’m not sure who came up with this first or if it was someone other than Gilbert and Lady Gaga but there it is.)

Continue reading

Do You Trust Your Business?

As I wrote about a couple of weeks ago, I’ve decided to sink into the Divine Feminine this year, which means letting January become the “dreaming month” instead of having my whole year figured out by New Year’s Day.Musings_02

And, I finally came up with my mantra/power theme for this year, which turned out to be Trust. (Actually, more specifically Trusting Myself.)

Which to me is a seriously unsexy theme. Actually, I felt like it was SUCH an unsexy theme I had every intention of not announcing it or telling anyone other than my spiritual mentor. (This is in direct contrast to my other yearly themes that I proudly posted to the world.)

But then, I went deeper. And the more I thought about it, the more I thought that maybe other folks have trust issues too, and just don’t realize it. Continue reading

Why I Haven’t Done Any Planning for 2016 Yet

If you take a few minutes and scroll through my blog, you’ll see a significant number of posts and references to sitting down and planning out your year before January 1 and how that is a good thing.HappyNewYear_01

And … here I am, on January 11, 2016, admitting that I’ve done none of that this year.

Even worse, I haven’t even figured out a theme or a word for 2016 yet.

Other than some rough planning in my head as to what I want to accomplish, I’ve done nothing. Nada. Zip.

It’s not that I don’t believe in goals and planning anymore. I still even believe in the studies, like that famous Harvard study, that shows that people who write down their goals are far more likely to actually accomplish them.

And, even more puzzling, writing down my goals and plans HAS worked for me. There is no question that I have gotten more things done over the years because I planned them out.

So, what gives? Continue reading

Want to read the first chapter of “The Stolen Twin?”

Chapter 1

My life has been dominated by two dreams.Print

In the first, I see my twin sister Cat at seven, the last time I ever saw her. She is all pink and golden – hair hanging in yellow ringlets, dancing blue eyes, rosy cheeks. She is beautiful, my sister. Light, sweet, charming. My opposite.

My father is pulling her as she sits in a little red wagon, laughing and waving. They’re in a wild, grassy field. Birds are twittering, crickets chirping. A butterfly flits by. Gently swaying grasses and colorful wildflowers brush against her, stroking her soft skin, loving her. She laughs and caresses their long, flowing stems.

But there is more in this field than plants, insects and birds. Fairies live here too – although they usually hide when people walk by with their heavy crushing footsteps, unnatural smells and callous voices. My father, plowing through with bent back and plodding footsteps, sends them cringing and scurrying away as well.

But then they hear the tinkling sound of my sister’s laughter. Continue reading