PW Unplugged Radio: Mark & Shannon — Speak Your Path To Cash


PW-Unplugged_01Do you know what’s the fastest way to get a business off the ground and making money? (Not to mention also making a difference at the same time.)

It’s speaking.

But, just getting on a stage and having a presentation isn’t enough. (And, if you’ve ever tried your hand at speaking and ended up not making much, or any money, you’re probably painfully aware of this.) You need a system if you want to use speaking as a way to grow your business, make a difference and possibly even change the world.

And that’s what my guests, Mark Grainger and Shannon Law from Big Impact Live (also affectionately known as Mark & Shannon) chatted about in today’s PW Unplugged Radio. Continue reading

Monday Morning Musings — Playing Even When Life Happens (March Madness Edition)

I spent the weekend watching a whole lotta college basketball (Go Badgers!) and as always, I’m always amazed at business lessons you can pull from sports.Musings_03

For instance, the Notre Dame’s coach’s mother passed away in the morning and that night coached a win against Butler. And since Notre Dame is in the Sweet 16, that means he’s still going to be coaching for a while.

The story reminded me of the game Brett Farve played, when he was still the quarterback of the Green Bay Packers, after his father died. It was a Monday Night Football game in Oakland and it was a game for the ages. He threw something like 4 or 5 touchdown passes and it was just a thing of beauty. For him, playing the game was his way of honoring his father.

Now, I’m certainly not saying you shouldn’t take time off to grieve nor should your business trump your life. What I AM saying is that it’s not always so clear cut. Sometimes the best thing you can do to honor yourself and whatever is happening in your life to pour all that energy into the opportunity in front of you. Continue reading

Friday Creativity Jolt — Ditch the Booze

What?!?! Did you really read what you just read???Creativity_02

Yep, I’m advocating taking a break from your glass of wine, beer or cocktail and see what happens with your creativity.

I personally have been taking an extended break from alcohol as I’m working on a program to take my health to the next level.

Now, you may be thinking the only reason why I’m suggesting it is because “misery loves company” and while you wouldn’t be entirely wrong, that’s actually not why I’m suggesting it. Continue reading

PW Unplugged Radio: Pamela Bruner & The Power of Leveraged Programs


PW-Unplugged_01If you’re like a lot of service-based entrepreneurs, making the transition to a more leveraged business (such as adding group programs) can be challenging.

But, if you want to grow your income and your business, without it sucking up all your time, then you absolutely must learn how to leverage yourself and your programs.

And that’s where my friend and PW Unplugged Radio guest Pamela Bruner, Make Your Success Real, comes in. Continue reading

Monday Morning Musings — One Powerful Reason Why You Should Launch (That Has Nothing To Do With Money)

In last week’s Monday Morning Musings, I started talking about launches and why they’re so important, and I wanted to continue that topic this week.Musings_02

You see, I do feel like launches are key to your growth as an entrepreneur. Basically they take all of your “hot buttons” (i.e. how you feel about your value, having to sell, marketing, becoming visible, asking for help, etc.) and compresses them into a short timeframe.

In other words, you’re forced to face your blocks to growing your business. Now, whether you back away or you bust through them is almost secondary to the fact that a launch can shine a bright light on what’s holding you back in your business. Continue reading

Friday Creativity Jolt — The Power of Friday the 13th

Did you know in sacred Feminine circles, 13 is considered a lucky number? It’s associated with the Goddess and the Feminine.Creativity_01

But, of course, nowadays it’s considered unlucky.

Now, the point of this isn’t to get into a discussion as to why 13 went from being the number associated with the Goddess to so unlucky buildings will skip the 13h floor (obviously I have my bias ;) ) but instead to encourage you to look beneath the surface. Continue reading

PW Unplugged Radio: Melinda Cohan & What Comes First — Back Office Systems or Getting Clients?


PW-Unplugged_01As a brand new entrepreneur, what’s the first thing you do after hanging out shingle?

Chances are, you’re looking for clients.

And on one hand, that makes sense. Clients are what’s going to bring revenue into the door, which is important as a biz owner.

However, what if there was a better way to start your business? That’s what Melinda Cohan, owner and founder of The Coaches Console, said on today’s episode of PW Unplugged Radio. Continue reading

Monday Morning Musings — Launching, Launching, Launching

If you’ve been knocking around this online world for any length of time, chances are you’ve run into this idea of doing an online launch.Musings_02

Now, the idea around launches isn’t new. Businesses have routinely done a launch when they’ve opened a biz, released a new product or service or did something else that was “new.” But the idea of doing regular online launches as a way to grow your business, is definitely new.

Why? Because until the Internet, it wasn’t very easy to do a launch, so therefore they weren’t as common. But, even though it’s much easier now to do a launch, that doesn’t make them any less exhausting.

Launching takes a tremendous amount of energy. Now, that energy can really light a fire in your business and create a lot of movement and momentum, which is one of the reasons why launches can be so powerful (and, in some cases, even game changers).

But, putting all that energy into a launch has a dark side too. It can drain you, which can cause depression, anxiety, “stories” that can sabotage and derail you — even if everything goes well. Continue reading

Life, Biz and the Pursuit of Happiness — The Habit of Working

Finishing up a quiet weekend. Spent some time shopping and prepping food for a liver cleanse I’m starting tomorrow. Did laundry. Exercised. Walked my dog. Watched movies.PersonalJourney_02

It’s the middle of a busy season for me. Lots of launches and other exciting client projects, along with working on my book and giving some extra love to my health.

In years past, I probably would have pushed myself. Wouldn’t have allowed myself time off to relax from a previous busy week and get ready for a new busy week. Instead I would have tried to squeeze in even more work over the weekend.

But, over the years I’ve found that there is always a price to pay. Sure, I can put in extra hours nights and weekends, but I can only do that so long until it starts to backfire. Continue reading

Friday Creativity Jolt — Creating a Mind Map

In my Monday Morning Musings, I’ve been covering some creative ways you can increase the value of your products and services.Creativity_02

But, you may be wondering exactly how you can apply that to your specific business. Especially if you’re particularly stuck or feel like this “doesn’t apply to you.”

One creativity exercise you could try is a mind map.

What I like about mind maps is they aren’t particularly woo-woo (not like my Board of Directors creativity exercise, which also could work in this particular situation but may feel too “out there” for some of you) yet they’re still pretty effective.

So, what is a mind map and how does it work? Continue reading

Monday Morning Musings — Are You Creating an Experience for Your Clients?

Whether you know it or not, whether you’ve planned it or not, your clients have an experience working with you.Musings_04

It doesn’t matter if you sell shoes or coaching or an info-product or a done-for-you service. Your client also “buys” an experience along with whatever product or service they’re purchasing.

But it also goes deeper than that — your clients actually want an experience (an enjoyable one) when they choose to work with you. And if it can be something they can talk about to other people (in other words, something that makes them go “Wow!”) even better. Continue reading

The Writing Life — Take the Pressure Off and Just Create

I’ve been feeling the call to start another novel.PenInk_150

This is on top of working on my next nonfiction book, blogging several times a week, and let’s not forget copywriting for clients and my own biz.

Needless to say, starting a novel feels like a lot of writing on my plate. It also doesn’t feel like the best use of my time.

So, I’ve been resisting the call.

And all I’ve managed to do is make the call stronger.

<Sigh.> Continue reading

Life, Biz and the Pursuit of Happiness — Hello Resistance

In the past couple of weeks I’ve gotten much more clear about the direction of my business and what I need to do to take that leap and move to the next level.PersonalJourney_02

At the same time, even though most of me loves that direction, I’ve found myself oddly distracted.

My focus isn’t there. I’m more distracted than normal. I’ve had some health challenges.

In other words, Resistance appears to be rearing its ugly head.

(Sigh.) Continue reading

Friday Creativity Jolt — Fail

In Eric Maisel’s The Creativity Book, he has an exercise where he wants you to make an omelet with broken shells.Creativity_02

Basically make an omelet by cracking both eggs and shells into a bowl, mix it up, cook it up and eat it.

So, I will admit I didn’t actually do that because it sounds really disgusting to eat cooked egg shells, but his point is don’t be afraid of failure. So what if your eggs have shells in them? Sometimes that happens. And if we’re so afraid of the shells we never crack the eggs then where would we be? Continue reading