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No List? No Problem — 5 Creative Ways to Attract Top Joint Venture/Affiliate Partners Without a List

If you want to grow your business online, chances are you’ve heard a time or two that having a list of names and emails is the key to big success.

And you may also have heard that enlisting the help of joint venture (JV) partners or affiliates to promote you is the way to grow that list.

But, the problem is, if you don’t have a list to begin with, it’s very difficult to find JVs or affiliates who want to play with you.

So if no one will promote you, how do you grow your list?

Frustrating, isn’t it?

But all is not lost! I’m here to tell you it IS possible to attract top JVs and affiliates even if you don’t have that elusive big list. Continue reading

Help! My List is Too Small and Joint Venture Partners/Affiliates Won’t Promote Me

This is actually the first of a 2-part series with part 2 coming out tomorrow (which is called: “No List? No Problem — 5 Creative Ways to Attract Top Joint Venture/Affiliate Partners Without a List.”)

Now, in the fast moving world of Internet Marketing, we’ve moved into shorthand, i.e. “how big is your list?” — and then making decisions to promote or partner based on that number.Biker_01

While it makes perfect sense we would have progressed to that — as humans our natural progression it to move to shorthand and turning rote tasks into habits so we can get through our day quicker and with less brain power — the downside is list size does NOT tell the whole story.

I’ve seen folks with “massive” list sizes (over 100K) who had a pathetic number of people opt in for a promo (less than 100). I’ve seen folks with “small” lists (way less than 10K) who won big time affiliate contests.

So if list size is all that and a bag of chips, how could what I just said possibly be right? Continue reading

PW Unplugged Radio: Rich German and the Power of Joint Ventures


On today’s episode of PW Unplugged Radio, my guest Rich German (who together with Milana Leshinsky have founded the JV Insider Circle) and I dug into this whole frustrating topic of joint ventures (JVs) and affiliates.PW-Unplugged_01

Why do I call it frustrating, you may ask? Well, if you’ve ventured into this pool, you’ve probably discovered there’s a big catch-22 going on out there. There’s no question that joint venture partners can help grow your list, your visibility and your business, if you’re just starting out or you have a small list, you’ve probably discovered just how difficult it is to find JV partners willing to promote you. Yet without JV help, how on earth are you going to grow your list?

Sort of feels like an exclusive country club you can’t get an invitation too, eh? Continue reading