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Mean People — How To Deal With the Truly Nasty, Hateful Things People Say

If you’re going to get big, you’re going to have to learn to deal with it.CheckIn_03

That’s the advice many of us receive when we take those first tentative steps to get our work into the world in a much bigger way.

The bigger you get, the more you’ll be criticized or just have nasty things said about you (or even to you — anonymously online of course). So, chalk it up to jealously and move on.

I used to believe this sage advice … until the moment I received a piece of nasty feedback from someone who read a blog post I wrote as a tribute to my mom after she passed away.

Now, I have a different take, and I talked about it on my Love-Based Money Podcast, here .

While 99% of the feedback and comments I received about the blog post tribute to my mother was how beautiful it was, I also got one of the nastiest, mean-spirited, hateful comments I’ve ever received in all my years of being online. (The person called me self-centered and spiteful and said I clearly hated my mother among other things — I thought of posting it but then I didn’t want to give her the attention she’s clearly craving.) Continue reading

Avoiding Having a Difficult Conversation? 3 Reasons Why You’re Only Hurting Yourself & Your Biz

My very good friend, Wealthy Thought Leader Andrea J. Lee (you can listen to her on my podcast right here) just came out with a  new book “We Need To Talk — Your Guide to Challenging Business Conversations” which has inspired this post today.wntt-cover

What Andrea explains in her book is that by not having these conversations, as difficult as they may be, we’re hurting ourselves more than we realize. Unsaid difficult conversations create stress in our lives and our businesses — and the more stress you’re  under, the less likely you’ll be able to grow and nurture your business the way you want to.

But it goes even deeper than that — much of the conflict and violence in the world can be traced back to unsaid difficult conversations. The combination of people not getting their needs met coupled with the weight of all the things that desperately want to said and are instead being denied and stuffed down, is being channeled into unhelpful and destructive aggression.  Continue reading

Unleash Your Natural Connection Abilities to Grow Your Business

I was so excited to interview Jenn August on this very topic since I think the ability to build and nurture biz relationships is so crucial and so overlooked as a biz skill. She guest authored this blog post to give you a few more tips  to help you build solid biz friendships that help grow your biz. Enjoy!

We were all born with natural connection abilities. (Really!)GuestBlogPost_02

Think of it this way: At birth, you connected with your parents or caregivers immediately, and they naturally wanted to take care of you.

Now you might be wondering…

“If I have a natural ability to connect, why does it feel like such a struggle to go out and network and build my business?” Continue reading