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How Entrepreneurs Can Make the Most of Their Blog Posts

I just read yet another statistic that said businesses that blog at least 15 times a month get 5x more traffic than those that don’t.GuestBlogPost_02

Yes blogging is a really great marketing tool. And it can also feel completely overwhelming at times.

That’s why I was so thrilled to interview my friend Sandra De Freitas,, on PW Unplugged Radio about how to use your blog to successfully grow your business. Sandra also wrote the article below to give you a few additional tips. Enjoy!

By Sandra De Freitas

Entrepreneurs are busy people, aren’t we? We have a lot on our creative minds from increasing our profits, to launching new products and services! While our creative minds help us create new offers, new marketing ideas and new content it stops us from leveraging what we have already created. Continue reading

Ask PW — “Any advice on more exposure for my blog?”

“Thank you so much Michele…very helpful. What about joining Blogengage, Triberr and Blogsurfer? Are there any you prefer and are the ones I listed good options? What about Ezine Articles? Any advice for more exposure would be greatly appreciated.”Ask PW


Wendy Baudin

As you can see, Wendy wrote in a Part 2 question (yay!) and since I thought the answer would be helpful to all of you, I decided to turn it into the next Ask PW column.

First off, to answer your direct question, I don’t know much about Blogenage, Triberr and Blogsurfer (although I’ve seen a couple of bloggers talk about Triberr and say they really liked that platform so you may want to try that one first).  I’ve also seen a few folks talk about Biz Sugar, so that may be another one to check out. Ezine Articles used to be a great place to promote your site and blog, but with Google changing the rules for guest blogging, I’m not sure where that’s going to go. Continue reading

Ask PW — “I’m so confused about blogging…”

“I am so confused about blogging, I have a blog but just don’t know how to get it out there so people can see it, nor do I understand the RSS feature. I have only used my social media (FB, LinkedIn and Spiritual Networks) to announce my blog posting. Can you help me with how to do this right and efficiently? Thank you.”Ask PW

Wendy Baudin

Hi Wendy — so glad you wrote in!

First off, RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication. Basically how you can use it is to automate your blog promotion — for instance you can add that feed into a program such as HootSuite and every time you post, the article will show up on various social networking platforms.

Now the fact you announce your blog posts are a great first step, but there are certainly other things you can do. Continue reading

Game on! Why I’m Doing the Ultimate Blog Challenge

I decided to join Michelle Shaeffer and Michele Scism’s Ultimate Blog Challenge — which means for the entire month of April (yes 30 days starting today) I’m making the commitment to blog every day.

It’s on!Ultimate Blog

Okay so if you’ve been following me, you’ve probably already realized I’ve stepped up my blogging in the last couple of months as it is. Specifically what I’m now doing is blogging 5-6 times a week since mid-January.

AND I have definitely noticed more traffic and more exposure since doing that, so I know more frequent blogging does work.

Which begs the question, since I’m already blogging 5-6 times a week by myself, why would I join an Ultimate Blog Challenge?  Continue reading

Ask PW — How do I promote my blog?

This is another big question I hear (actually it’s either “how do I promote my blog OR “how do you promote your website?” which I’ll be talking about in a couple of weeks).Ask PW

And the answer to this question starts with a question:

Is your goal to promote your blog so you can make money as a blogger, or is the point of your blog to promote your biz?

Okay so you’re probably wondering what does it matter? Isn’t blog promotion the same no matter what the end result is?

Well…yes and no. Continue reading

Ask PW — How do I come up with content for my blogs?

This is another question that not only do I hear all the time BUT has a 2-part answer to it. (And if you don’t see your question or you’re still not sure about something, please feel free to post a question here or email at Ask PW 2

I’ll talk about one of the answers this week, which is how to create your own content.

First off, committing to regularly writing a blog may feel overwhelming at this point to you. If this is you, stop and take a deep breath. It’s truly easier than you think. Once you get into a habit of creating regular content, your subconscious really will rise to the occasion and help you create it. Continue reading

Ask PW — How do I get started blogging?

This is another blogging question I hear a lot. (And if you don’t see your question or you’re still not sure about something, please feel free to post a question here or email at

So there is definitely a tech part to this question, which isn’t my expertise (except to say that you should have the blog hosted on YOUR domain with YOUR url — don’t just sign up for a WordPress account and have WordPress host it).

But I want to talk about the mindset part of getting started. Because quite frankly, technically setting up a blog isn’t that difficult or expensive (a technical virtual assistant can get you set up pretty quickly and cheaply) — what IS difficult is making sure you will actually BLOG on a regular basis. (Because, and I know you know this, just having a blog isn’t going to do anything for you unless you’re actually posting on a regular basis.)

So before you go through the trouble of getting a blog step up, take a moment and make sure you have the following covered.

* How often can you commit to post something on your blog? (Once a week is really the minimum, if it’s less than that you’re not going to get much of the benefits of blogging.)

* Now, remember it doesn’t have to be YOU doing all the blogging. You CAN have someone ghostwrite for you, you can post content from guest bloggers, you can post videos, you can post a podcast, you can do a mix of the above, etc. But you should determine where you’re going to be getting the content before you get started — otherwise when it comes time to post something and you don’t have anything that can be super stressful.

* Are you ready to do this for the long-term? Blogging isn’t a quick fix or a short-term solution, so if you’re looking for a quick hit (or you NEED cash fast or you’re going out of biz) then blogging isn’t necessarily the answer. But if you’re looking for a long-term strategy to grow your biz and build your community a blog could very well be the answer.

So now how do you feel? Are you still in?

What are your thoughts about blogging? Do you have any tips that have worked for you? Please share below in the comment section. Or if you have a question about marketing, business or writing copy, feel free to put in the comment section and I’ll answer those in a future Ask PW column.

Ask PW — Is blogging right for me?

I’ve been running into a lot of blogging questions lately so I thought I would do an Ask PW series to answer some of your top questions on blogging. (And if you don’t see your question or you’re still not sure about something, please feel free to post a question here or email at

I thought I’d start with the question “is blogging right for me?” And what’s interesting about this question is I think there are actually two answers.

The first, most obvious answer, is yes. Basically if you’re looking to sell your products or services online, a blog will absolutely, 100 percent help you out.

Blogs are great to attract visitors to your site, and once they’re there, help them get a really good sense of both you personally and you professionally (in other words, give them a sense of your expertise so they feel more comfortable buying your products or services).

No matter what you sell, there’s always a way to showcase yourself and your expertise using a blog.

Which leads me to the second answer — which is what I think the REAL question is. Is blogging RIGHT for ME — in other words, even if I’m not a writer, even if I hate writing, even if I have NO idea what to write about — should I still be blogging?

And that’s a slightly different answer. I do think blogging can help pretty much every entrepreneur who is trying to use the Internet to promote themselves, but if they really don’t WANT to be blogging then blogging may not be the right answer for them.

However, before you write off blogging as one of your marketing tools, consider these alternatives to you doing the blogging yourself:

* You can outsource the writing to someone on your team

* You can create a video blog (who said blogs had to be written only? Maybe you stand in front of a camera and create videos).

* You can create a podcast blog (ditto for audio).

* You create a completely different looking blog — maybe it’s very short posts or you post a lot of pictures or graphics.

Any of those options feel better to you?

So what are your thoughts about blogging? Do you have any tips that have worked for you? Please share below in the comment section. Or if you have a question about marketing, business or writing copy, feel free to put in the comment section and I’ll answer those in a future Ask PW column.

Do You Even Need a Website or Blog Anymore? A Simple Assessment

It’s official. Social networking is here to stay.

Forget using it just as a business tool. It’s everywhere. You can’t get away from it. (And we’re not even talking about, ahem, inappropriate uses of it such as sending nasty pictures of yourself over Twitter when you really ought to know better)

Anyway, I digress. The point is social networking is so prolific and so everywhere that websites and blogs are starting to look like something your grandpa used to market himself. After all, now you have gurus proclaiming Facebook fan pages are the absolute MUST HAVE little black dress and you are seriously behind the times without one. (Here’s an example of a fan page if you want to check it out: — feel free to “like” it once you’re there too. :)

So are websites and blogs even worth it? Should we just throw all our chips in the social networking pile and not spend any more time or money on websites or blogs? And what if you don’t have a website yet — should you even bother?

Okay. Let’s all take a deep breath here. Feel better? Good — now let’s look at the facts.

Social networking is still in its infancy. I know, I know. It feels like it’s a rebellious teenager. But honestly — this is still very, very new. It’s really only seriously caught on in the past few years. And let’s look at what happened during those few years:

* MySpace was THE place to be if you were an entrepreneur (Does anyone else even remember MySpace? Anyone?) Facebook was this weird, red-headed stepchild. In fact, when I first opened an account, when you sent out a friend request, you had to indicate how you knew the person and one of the options was (I kid you not) “hooked up.” Yeah. I think there was only one option, something like “know from a group or an association” that was safe for business purposes. Linked In was basically for “corporate only” or if you were looking for an actual job (I had an account and I really had no clue what to do with it.) Twitter was still being programmed in someone’s basement.

To put this into perspective — this was 4 years ago.

* Then came the huge “MySpace migration into Facebook” revolution. Everyone was on Facebook. MySpace was SO last year.

* Then Twitter exploded onto the scene. EVERYONE was on Twitter. And a bunch of other social networking platforms suddenly popped up out of nowhere — plurek, plaxo, etc. Suddenly there were HUNDREDS. Yee gads.

Fast forward to today. Twitter is declining in popularity as a tool to grow your business. (Although it remains tops on the list as the best tool to embarrass yourself.) Facebook is back on top. Linked In has rediscovered a new surge of popularity — thanks to never getting away from its roots (keeping it a more formal platform, which serves its core customers) but still adding new bells and whistles (like groups). Many of those other social networking platforms have fallen by the wayside.

And what will the future look like? Who knows? I certainly don’t. For all I know, Facebook fan pages could be as popular as yesterday’s newspaper — heck, Facebook could be as popular as yesterday’s newspaper. MySpace could be back on top and something called “Yowzer” could be the hottest thing.

Which is why those old-fashioned websites and blogs still have a place in your marketing.

You see, you control your websites and blogs. You’re not subject to whims of playing in “someone else’s sandbox.” You don’t have to worry if the rules change, if Twitter decides it doesn’t like your picture and shuts your profile down or whatever. You have your own online real estate that you can do what you want to with it.

So the question is — do you want to have control over your business, your message, your visibility? Do you want to have a hub for your online activities — your “online home” to invite your ideal clients to if they want to learn more about what you do?

Or not?